Reader: Never Thought a Brewery Would Close — We Need the Hydration!

Independent outfits, including craft-beer breweries, are popping up in the suburbs. Arvada will soon get its own Steuben's — but it just lost the four-year-old Arvada Beer Company in Olde Town.  Why? Says Hallie:

 Rent is at a premium in Olde Town...and there are too many similar restaurants and not much parking, which does not help matters. 

Adds Heather: 

Loved their Arvada Red amber. I think the half-concept on the food brought them down. You can't put snack bags of chips on tables and expect people to stay. By the time they brought in the steamtable for soups and barbecue, I think it was too late. With quality dining at #ArvadaTavern, #SilvisKitchen #SchoolhouseKitchen #YakandYeti #FuzzysTacos #GrandviewTavern, it's hard to compete.

And then there's this: 

Never thought a brewery would close — too many of us who need hydration! Lol.

What do you think of the suburban craft-beer scene? Of restaurants in Arvada in general?

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