The new and improved New Saigon.
The new and improved New Saigon.
Mark Antonation

Reader: New Saigon Is Still the Best Vietnamese Cuisine in Denver

New Saigon was one of the first Vietnamese restaurants in the city, and for many years the very best, winning Best of Denver award after Best of Denver award. After more than thirty years in the business, though, husband-and-wife owners Thai Nguyen and Ha Pham were feeling burned out, so they sold the restaurant. But they discovered they missed the place, and now they're back at a new and improved New Saigon. And longtime fans are glad to see them. Says Charlene:

Still the best vietnamese cuisine in the city...

Adds Therese:

One of our favorite places to dine when in Denver. Yes, the service was not up to par the last couple of times we visited. Great news!

Concludes June:

This is the first place I ever had Vietnamese food (1986!). We watched their family grow over the years. My kids had their first Vietnamese food there! I haven't been back in a while but now I will!

And there's more good news on this snowy day: New Saigon is now emphasizing pho on its still-massive menu. Will you be returning to New Saigon?

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