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Reader: No Cell-Phone Cameras in Restaurants!

Last week we received numerous tips that Food Network star Alton Brown was having lunch at Stoic & Genuine in Union Station -- a choice we thought was a little odd for someone trying to have a quiet lunch away from the glare of cameras. After all, it's been one of the biggest restaurant openings in a summer full of new places.

We thought the Piper Inn, the biker bar on the frontier of Denver and Aurora, would be a better option for a motorcycle and roadhouse fan like Brown, who spent two seasons touring secluded mom-and-pop eateries on a BMW motorbike for his show Dining on Asphalt. One of our readers agreed. See also: The five best places for Alton Brown to visit in Denver

Says Kathleen Brenk (from Facebook):

I like it! Anything that starts with the Piper... I'm a fan.

Of the TV show host's inability to escape photo-hungry picture snappers, reader RustyShackleford had this to say:

Yet another argument for banning cameras on cellphones (if not banning cellphones in public spaces outright).

Whether Alton Brown would have enjoyed the working-class atmosphere, Chinese-American menu and tasty wings remains to be seen, but it certainly would have been a wise choice to avoid smartphone wielders. After all, if you don't have a beer, a chicken wing or a pool cue in your hand at the Piper Inn, you're opening yourself up to suspicion. And there are plenty of patrons happy to show you the door -- or the floor -- if you're pointing your camera around where it doesn't belong.

Are you a fan of Alton Brown or the Piper Inn -- and are his leathers dusty enough to lend him road cred in a crowd of Harley riders? Maybe you have other suggestions for where the cooking nerd and lover of road food could stop in or around Denver. Let us know in the comments section below.

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