Reader: No More Shopping for Cat Food and Liquor in the Same Aisle at Target!

The fate of the Your Choice Colorado — the proposal to allow full-strength beer and wine sales at supermarkets — won't be decided until November, but the Super Target in Glendale isn't waiting around. With tough competition from the King Soopers down the street (the only King Soopers in the state with a liquor license, as allowed under one of the kookier provisions in Colorado liquor laws), this Target cut off booze sales earlier this week to replace the liquor aisle it introduced five years ago with a complete, separate Wine & Spirits store.  And in the process, the Glendale Target (the only one in the state with a liquor license) proved that while it may not know how to read a calendar, it definitely can read potential in liquor sales. Still, one reader will miss the quaint layout. Says Rachel: 

Kind of sad...it did my heart good to see alcohol on almost every end cap while shopping for toilet paper and cat food.

Responds Eric: 

Pfft, let us know when they can compete with Tipsy's, DaveCo or Total Beverage.

Concludes Shawnda: 

 Who wants to drive that far for booze?

Target might need a calendar, but you won't need to wait any longer to buy booze at the Glendale store: The Wine & Spirits store will be open at 8 a.m. today.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.