Reader: Oshima Ramen was sorta Soup Nazi meets Mr. Miyagi

Reaction to the news that Noboru Muraishi has closed Oshima Ramen, the very authentic Japanese noodle bar that Jason Sheehan raved about in "Finding My Religion," has been swift, with diners wondering where they will get their ramen now -- and hold the dirt. See also: After fourteen years, Noboru Muraishi closes Oshima Ramen

Says Travis:

Some of the dirtiest places I've ever eaten have also had the best food. While I only ate here once, I loved how it made me feel like I was in a scene from Blade Runner or Snow Crash.

Says Drew:

The guy was awesome. Yes he was abrupt but he was also super cool and nice if it wasn't busy. Sorta Soup Nazi meets Mr. Miyagi.

And from Jason Sheehan himself:

This is truly a sad day. I will miss this place for the rest of my life, but always remember it with the kind of wild-eyed, slightly disbelieving fondness that I experienced the first time I walked through the doors.

Bon chance, Mr. Muraishi. You've earned your vacation, and may the Ramen God rain his noodle-y blessings down on your every endeavor in the future.

With Oshima Ramen closed, where will you go for ramen? Post your suggestions below, and read many more comments here.

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