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Reader: Parents Should Leave Their Kids at Home When Going Out to Eat

'Tis the season for family dinners — often at restaurants that are not designed for kids. The Old Spaghetti Factory, which Gretchen Kurtz just reviewed, is an ideal spot for a family gathering, with plenty to keep young customers amused.  But many other spots around town are designed as places where adults can enjoy more intimate meals, without having to hear a toddler scream a table away. In honor of those restaurants, we just served up a second helping of our Five Reasons to Ban Disruptive Children from Restaurants. And Terry agrees with the sentiments:
Why oh why must every person have to deal with every person's little "Snowflake"? Parents should not go out if they can't even find a relative to watch over the child. There is no reason to abscond every other human into your chaotic, horrendous nightmare life — especially if they had common sense enough to leave their Holy Terror at home. We are not obligated to become part of your wretched life! Stay home until your child is old enough to be left alone. You signed on for this program...not the rest of us...

I don't care if this is NOT politically correct!
What are the most kid-friendly restaurants in town? And where would you never take a kid — or want to see one?
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