Reader: Paris on the Platte Closing Proves It's True -- All Good Things End

Even before Paris on the Platte, a Denver institution for almost three decades, poured its last cup of coffee on Saturday, the memories were pouring out. This is where artists would hang after last call at My Brother's Bar in the late '80, where teens from the suburbs would smoke cigarettes and drink coffee in the '90s, where an entirely new crowd would hang out on Platte Street as this stretch gentrified over the past decade.

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Says Barbara:

I guess it's true what they say...all good things end and nothing is forever.

Says Lisa:

I remember when this opened, and the neighborhood was all dark and mysterious, it was coffee either at Muddy's or Paris, before we headed to Rock Island. Fun times.

Says Kelly:

Thank you to Paris for being the venue for my first date with the man I married two years later. We will miss you very much!

And then there's this from Matt:

All it means is that shallow, pretentious hipster doofuses will have to find someplace else to listen to bad poetry, drink shitty, overpriced coffee and eat stale desserts on dirty plates. Good riddance to bad, overrated rubbish.

Did you frequent Paris on the Platte? What other Denver institutions would you be sorry to see end?

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.