Reader: Raising the Minimum Wage Will Lead to Layoffs and Restaurant Closures

Two years after New York City fast-food workers sparked a nationwide movement for higher pay and rights on the job, Denver fast-food workers walked off the job last Thursday, joining strikers from fast-food and other industries in 190 cities nationwide, calling for $15 an hour and union rights. The focus of Denver's protest was the McDonald's on the 16th Street Mall.

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Says Denver:

Raising fast food industry workers' wages to $15 per hour would force steep hikes in the price of the food at fast food restaurants. If they raise the prices, many will be unable to afford the food, or many won't want to pay the higher prices. This will lead to layoffs and closures of the restaurants.

But then there's this from DonkeyHotay:

So RAISE the prices of the food, and stop making the employees suffer slave wages just to artificially depress the increased costs of operation.

What do you think of the fight to raise the minimum wage?

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