Word of Mouth

Reader: Remember Soapy Smith's? Muddy Waters? The Yum Yum Tree?

After 33 years downtown, the Trinity Grille closed last weekend; La Loma will soon leave the spot in Jefferson Park where it's been perched for 34 years and move into the Trinity Grille spot. And other recent moves have readers wandering down memory lane. Recalling pre-mall downtown Denver, Laura says:
The movie theaters are still such a loss. L.A. is so lucky to have theirs. Soapy Smith's on the south end of Larimer Square was a funny '70s business.
Bree Davies's love letter to old Denver brought these memories from Leslie:
The Yum Yum Tree. Tang's Imports, the Lakeside Mall when it was THE place to shop, Neusteter's, ice skating downtown in front of the May D&F parabola, Trader Vic's, the Cosmopolitan Hotel, brunch at the Fairmont, the Executive Tower Inn, the Library (a restaurant and bar on Colorado Blvd.), the Quorum, the Normandy, the Hungry Farmer, Muddy's Coffee House, Cafe Nepenthes, the Flick, the Ogden when it was a cinema for oldies and art films, the soup kitchen and tea room at The Denver Dry. Being the only young people downtown on the weekend, being able to park anywhere for free....
What do you remember from the Denver of decades ago? What do you miss the most?
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