What you Z is what you get...
What you Z is what you get...
Grillerz Pub

Reader: Replacing "S" With a "Z" Is a Sign of Quality — Like Kountry Kooking!

Grillerz, a new sports bar, hasn't yet opened in the former home of Billy's on South Broadway, but already readers are giving the place a grilling — over its spelling, if nothing else. Says Matthew: 

We should go here! A restaurant with the letter "Z" in it is just like spelling country cooking "kountry kooking." It's a sign of quality! ????

Adds Eli: 

Minnesota is the king of the Z. Everything that is spelled with an S is always done with a Z.

Concludes Jared: 

Spelling something with a "Z" is a great way to motivate me to save money.

What do you think of the Grillerz spelling? What's the oddest restaurant name you've seen?

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