Reader: Ruth Chris's food had better be good, because the design isn't inviting

Ruth's Chris Steak House returned to Denver this week, opening in a 10,000 square foot spot on 15th Street just seven blocks away from the location the New-Orleans-based chain left five years ago. Mayor Michael Hancock was on hand to cut the ribbon -- and the steak. "Welcome back to Denver," he proclaimed. "You're like a long-lost girlfriend that finally came back to the one she loved." But will Denver love this new Ruth's Chris?

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Says Michael:

Well, I sure hope their food is good because based on the photos, their choice of interior design and decor doesn't look the least bit warm or inviting at all. What were they thinking? I'm not exactly sure who they think that type of design is going to attract.

See photos of the decor and design here, where you can also read more comments on the state of Denver's steakhouses. Which one is doing the best job now? Is there room for Ruth's Chris?

And watch for our Restaurant Roll Call for January, a compendium of all the openings and closings this month, on Cafe Society later today.

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