Reader: Sabi Sushi concept is all wet

A week ago, three young entrepreneurs launched a new concept: Sabi Sushi, a restaurant without a restaurant that takes orders online, fills them at a local kitchen, then delivers the goods to a predetermined downtown drop zone.

"First there were traditional restaurants," co-owner Shaan Puri told Laura Shunk. "Then fast-casual, then food trucks, which are traditional restaurants on wheels. Sabi is the next step. We're attempting to deliver high-quality food and service without the actual walls or confines of a restaurant."

The concept is being rolled out in Denver, but fishfan is not a fan:

This is absolutely ridiculous. Three 22 years olds that think they can serve the best sushi after training under a medicore TV chef for a year. Sushi is an art as much as a trade and can in no means be duplicated under such training. There are many sushi restaurants in Denver where the chefs have dedicated their lives to the art and these guys think they can slap them in the face b/c they have a trendy business idea. F that shit. Hope these guys run back to Duke with their tails between their legs.

Have you tried Sabi Sushi? Would you? Or is this concept all wet?

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