Le Central will close this weekend.
Le Central will close this weekend.
Lindsey Bartlett

Reader: Sad to See Le Central Go, Since It's the Most Affordable French Restaurant

Denver will lose a dining mainstay when Le Central closes its doors this weekend; owner Robert Tournier, who opened "the affordable French restaurant" in 1980, got an offer too good to refuse on his place at Eighth and Lincoln, so he's sold the building and is retiring. Since he announced that move ten days ago, the place has been packed — because Tournier warned that Le Central would close by September 13, if not sooner. Says Shilo: 

Le Central and Bistro Vendome are two of my favorite French restaurants in Denver (and Z Cuisine). Sad to see Le Central go, since it's the most affordable. Happy retirement to the owner!

Fortunately, Bistro Vendome is going strong (read our fresh assessment of the Bistro Vendome happy hour here), as is Z Cuisine, which has completed a renovation that turned the original space into a private dining area, while A Cote serves as the main restaurant.

What other French restaurants do you frequent around town? Will you be at Le Central this weekend?

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