The Hard Rock Cafe reportedly takes pity on those who need potties.
The Hard Rock Cafe reportedly takes pity on those who need potties.
Jon Solomon

Reader: Say "Yes!" to More Public Restrooms Downtown

The city is studying whether central Denver needs more public restrooms, which are in short supply along the 16th Street Mall. We hear that the Hard Rock Cafe takes pity on the bros who are out on the town, and lets them in to lose the last few beers without demanding they prove they're customers. But otherwise, you're pretty much shit-out-of-luck. Says Michele:

YES! YES! and YES to more public restrooms! I went into McDonald's one morning and was about to tinkle on myself, and the lady took forever, and I was like, "So, I plan to order a bacon biscuit, but can I please use the restroom, first?" and she was like, "No." So I have never and will never go to that place again. The places downtown are just nazis about their bathrooms, and it's one of the reasons why I don't hang out downtown more. I live right off East Colfax, and we don't seem to have these bathroom nazis here just a short distance from downtown.

Do you think restaurants/bars/shops are right to reserve their faciilties for customers only? Does Denver need more public restrooms? 

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