Reader: Schnitzel is my number-one comfort food

Do people care about schnitzel? You're darn Teuton! As a side to her review of Cafe Berlin, Gretchen Kurtz served up the five best restaurants for a schnitzel fix -- and her list has taken a pounding.

Where is Cafe Prague? Sobo 151? And where's that umlaut?

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Says Will:

I grew up with schnitzel, it's my number one comfort food, especially if it's accompanied by spaetzle and red cabbage. I second Sobo 151, and am disappointed that Budapest Bistro wasn't included, theirs is just as good, if not better than anyone on this list.

Euclid Hall's is good in a pinch, but just not real schnitzel with its panko crumbs.

Do you have a favorite schnitzel? Post your nomination below, and see other suggestions here.

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