There's a seat for you at the new Lucile's.
There's a seat for you at the new Lucile's.
Mark Antonation

Reader: Shhh! Don't Tell People About the New Lucile's, or It Will Be Too Crowded for Me!

The sixth location of Lucile's Creole Cafe, a Southern-comfort institution that got its start in Boulder almost forty years ago, just opened at 999 East Evans Avenue. Since this was the first time the Richards family that owns Lucile's had taken over a non-restaurant space — most recently, the stand-alone building had been a fireplace store — the build-out took a while, and the opening last week was quiet. But once fans found out, they started making a lot of noise about the new location of a beloved spot. Says Jennifer: 

If you like a Southern brunch, you would love this place. Go early or be prepared to wait.

Adds David: 

It's a great formula for those like us who are more likely to go out for breakfast than any other meal. And it's a close option for me.

Warns Sean:  

Shhh..don't tell anyone so it won't be overly crowded for the rest of us who live nearby! 

Are you a fan of Lucile's? Will you try the new spot? It will be open for breakfast today.

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