Reader: Skip Frasca and stick to Chuck E Cheese when you're taking kids to dinner

Westword staff writer Joel Warner recently had a big night out with his wife and three-year-old son -- not at Chipotle, their regular family haunt, but at Frasca Food and Wine, which just won Best Front of the House in the Best of Denver 2011 (as it has several years running).

Joel's choice of Frasca for dinner with a toddler inspired several comments, including this from bdiner:

Way to be considerate of other diners trying to enjoy an adult night out. I hope a creepy pervert shows up at your Chuck E Cheese birthday party.

Uncledave8 was a little less pervy, but just as critical:

Well, good for Frasca I guess but honestly if you can afford Frasca you can afford a babysitter. No one wants to get to know your three year old at these prices. Seat a party with toddlers in tow next to me at a price point like Frasca - I'm out of there.

But others, including Dawn, appreciated Joel's assessment of his Frasca experience:

That's awesome! We just took our almost 3-year-old to lunch at Colterra in Niwot. They were also very accommodating. Even took her to see where the bread came from, when she asked for more bread. I love it when restaurants are great with kids 0- and most Boulder-area restaurants really seem to do a good job.

And it sounds like you were being quite considerate of other diners, so good for you!

And before db points it out again, yes, Laura Shunk once worked at Frasca -- which she definitely acknowledges in her recent "Top five things I learned working in Frasca's front of the house," a piece that prompted this from db:

In my humble opinion, a professional restaurant reviewer should be impartial. Not constantly promoting and sucking up to places they used to work.

Should Westword ignore Frasca because Laura Shunk once worked there? Her resume certainly didn't affect Joel Warner's experience, and Frasca was collecting awards from us (not to mention national publications) long before Shunk added front-of-the-house duties there to her resume. For that matter, former Westword critics John Kessler and Kyle Wagner were both working at local restaurants when we hired them to become our reviewers.

Still, we know that the appearance of a conflict alone can raise concerns...so feel free to discuss whether or not we should cover Frasca in the comments below. Just keep the Chuck E Cheese perverts out of this, please.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.