Reader: Snooze Is the Most Overrated Place in Denver

This week in Out to Brunch, Lauren Monitz compared the original

Snooze in Ballpark

to the

new Snooze

that opened this summer in Union Station. Although the spaces are different, they have the same sweet menu, the same vibe, the same very long waits -- and the same very divided opinions on Snooze itself.

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Says Chad:

Snooze is the most overrated place in Denver. Not worth an hour plus wait.

Says Tami:

I Love Snooze!!!

Says Ann:

So many other fantastic breakfast places around town. I enjoyed Snooze before the crowds at the original location. I could walk there, eat and walk back to work in right about an hour (10 minute walk each way). Not now...

What are your favorite breakfast places in town? And which do you think are the most overrated?

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