Patio 16, one of many outdoor seating areas on the 16th Street Mall.EXPAND
Patio 16, one of many outdoor seating areas on the 16th Street Mall.

Reader: The 16th Street Mall Is the Worst Part of Denver

Last Monday, when we took a trip down the 16th Street Mall at high noon, almost every seat outside was filled with people grabbing lunch — including Little Devils from the Lechugas kiosk on the edge of Patio 16 — or just a few minutes of sun. There was a lot to love about the mall that day...but just two days later, a melee that started outside the Rock Bottom Brewery wound up with two visitors from California beaten. Says Jason:

The 16th Street Mall is the worst part of Denver. I would never go there if it wasn't for my work.

What do you think of the 16th Street Mall? Would you go there for lunch? For dinner? Or do you avoid it altogether? What do you think would make the mall more appealing?

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