Reader: The Cherry Creek Grill is one of Denver's best bars? You're kidding.

There are dozens of great restaurant bars in the metro area, and yesterday Laura Shunk attempted to narrow that list down to Denver's five best bars in restaurants.

Barflies are questioning one particular inclusion: Cherry Creek Grill.

Here's the view of Yourkidding:

Have you even sat at these bars for any amount of time or more than one night? Jesus, I'd rather walk a Biker Jim's dog over to Occupy Denver in a snowstorm than sit at the bar in the Cherry Creek Grill and eat anything on that menu.

Osteria Marco, Steubens, Earl's (downtown), the Wynkoop...shit I could probably list a dozen better bars, with infinitely better food. Even the bar at Elway's Cherry Creek is better.

So, you must have a friend in ownership at the Cherry Creek Grill or asked someone who does. Either way, you continue to lose what little credibility you had as a reviewer with suggestions like this. Or maybe you just do it to get page reviews.

No one has a friend in the corporate ownership of the Cherry Creek Grill -- but Lori Midson admits she's a fan. How do you feel about the Cherry Creek Grill? Post your thoughts about the joint -- and any other bars on or off the list -- below.

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