Reader: The name Comrade Brewing is like calling a place Kristallnacht Klub

Comrade Brewing Company opened this weekend in southeast Denver, an area thirsty for more beery options. But will the name draw many comrades? "There are lots of double meanings, but it is all in fun," says owner David Lin. "The only thing we take seriously here is the beer. The rest: not so much. If I really wanted to take communism seriously, I would have bought my equipment from China." See also: First look at Comrade Brewing

Says theFabulousMarkT:

They are just gonna cling to that name come hell or high water, aren't they?

But at the same time, I hope they understand why some folks (especially those of a certain age - raises hand) might be a little unsettled by that choice of moniker.

I mean, it would be like opening a place called Kristallnacht Klub and then wondering why people's undies are so bunched.

What do you think of the name Comrade Brewing? What other controversial names have created a buzz on the Denver dining scene?

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