Goodbye, Griff's.EXPAND
Goodbye, Griff's.

Reader: The Nostalgia for Griff's Is Baffling

The last Griff's will soon leave Colorado. The burger chain got its start in Wichita in 1960, and this summer still had two locations in metro Denver. But the Arvada Griff's is already gone, and the Griff's at 742 South Broadway will close by the end of the month, inspiring an outpouring of nostalgia — and big, thick shakes. Says Neil:

Will miss it. Sick of the hipster burger places.

Says Alex:

The nostalgia for losing a representative of a Southern regional chain—that made truly horrifying food—is baffling. When the last Jim Dandy closed, was there this sort of garment-rending? 

Concludes Daniel: 

All you need is twenty In-N-Outs...who cares about the rest? Someone with a mil or so can buy a franchise for In-N-Out. Check it out...stoners everywhere, best investment you could make.... 

Will you miss Griff's? When you want a down-and-dirty burger, where do you go? How about a hipster burger? And would you like to see In-N-Out finally come to Denver? 

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