The Slotted Spoon has rolled out of Denver.
The Slotted Spoon has rolled out of Denver.
Lori Midson

Reader: The Slotted Spoon Went Bye-Bye Because People Want a Real Restaurant

We're about to post our Restaurant Roll Call for February, a compendium of all the openings and closings in the metro area over the past month. And while several spots opened, there were also some notable places that threw in the kitchen towel, including the Slotted Spoon, the fast-casual meatball joint that received plenty of great press, but never really got on a roll.

Says Angie: 

Ah well! Meatballs were dry and they were always out of something despite the King Soopers steps away....

Adds Masha:  

This place was disappointing. I tried their mac and cheese. The cheese sauce was the same sauce you get on nachos at the movies — except the movie's cheese is actually somewhat warm. The way I see it, maybe now a better restaurant might open up in that location.

Suggests Kimberly:

 Lived around the corner from it ...overpriced fast food pasta dishes. Treat yourself to a real restaurant with a waiter. It is why they are going bye bye.

But Ann Marie worries:

So many places are closing! Too many restaurants in the area? Are people just not spending money like they used to?

Did you try the Slotted Spoon? Do you think it closed because the concept didn't work, or because Denver just has too many restaurants?

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