Reader: The Source is the oddest location for a restaurant I have ever seen

Over the past few weeks, businesses have been opening their doors in The Source, Kyle Zeppelin's ambitious project at 3350 Brighton Boulevard, which turned a circa 1880s warehouse (most recently a plumbing supply spot ) into a sleek assemblage of shops, restaurants and general hipness. Comida was the first restaurant to get cooking, at the end of August; Mondo Market, Acorn and Babette's Bakery soon joined the lineup. And yesterday, CapRock Farm Bar started pouring. The space is getting raves...but the location also inspired a recent rant. See also: First look at CapRock Farm Bar, opening in the Source

Says WillieStortz:

I sure hope these places going into The Source are getting a great deal on rent because that is the oddest location for a restaurant I have ever seen.

When you think organic, farm to table the last thing you expect is such a cold industrial space located in a run-down industrial section of town, next door to a used plumbing store and a used tire store.

I love the concept of all these food purveyors but as anyone who has worked in the restaurant industry knows location is often more important than the product you put out. I've seen many horrible restaurants succeed with a great location and many great places fail do to a bad location. It's hard to think of a worse location than The Source.

Have you been to the Source? What do you think of the location? More important, what do you think of the businesses that have opened there? Will you go -- and go often enough to support them?

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