Reader: The Summit Steakhouse Is a Welcome Break From Spendy Hotspots

This week Gretchen Kurtz reviews the Summit Steakhouse, an Aurora institution that opened back in 1977 and today has a new owner and a new chef. Those changes made her wonder if the Summit had become more of a contemporary steakhouse; it hasn't. But a meal here can still be a deal, and there are some fine-dining touches that are definitely a throwback to an early time. Says Vic: 

To give a hint at how historic The Summit is, Lannie Garrett occasionally mentions that she was a waitress there (no "servers" or "team members" back then) and used to sit in with the band.

I have noted an occasional influx of 20-somethings later in the evening. Their clothing, hair and eyeglasses are urbane, yet something tells me they want a break from the deafening din and incredibly spendy hotspots burning holes in Denver's social scene.

As for the "marbling" of the steaks, it can be had downtown for twice the price in rooms where you don't have to pretend to ignore the people sitting nearest. You can't hear them over the barking of other customers.

Have you been to the Summit Steakhouse lately? Ever? What's your favorite steakhouse in town?

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