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Reader: This Is Not the Great Depression — Waiting in Line for Brunch Is Stupid

Where are you going for brunch today? When we shared our list of the Top Ten Spots for Brunch in Denver in 2015, a few readers wondered why the lineup didn't include Snooze, that homegrown success story that continues to pack people in at the original (along with several other local locations) even as it expands out of state. Although the ownership structure has shifted, founders Jon and Adam Schlegel continue to be very involved with Snooze (and the restaurant scene in general), and many things remain unchanged about these hot spots — including the long wait for brunch. And readers have plenty more to say about that. Advises Samuel:
 I've never waited for longer than ten minutes for breakfast at the best b-fast place in town....and that ain't Snooze. It's Dozens on 13th Ave, next to DAM and across from Pints. DJ's Berkeley Cafe in the Highlands is also excellent.
Warns Amanda: 
Don't tell the world about Dozens!
Adds John: 
Haha, I always laugh at all the people waiting in line, when I am on my way to Ranch House Cafe on Colfax.
Concludes Andrew:
So glad some one finally said it. For crying out loud... it's America... it's 2015... it's not the g-d damn Great Depression. Waiting for food is stupid.
Now that it's 2016, will you be waiting in line for food? If so, what spots are worth waiting for? (BTW, Dozens started serving at 6:30 a.m. today.)

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