Reader: Too Many Restaurants Do Not Provide Parking for Patrons

Are diners beginning to make their restaurant decisions based on the availability of parking? And is that turning what could be destination restaurants into neighborhood joints? That's what Gretchen Kurtz wondered after reviewing Small Wonder Food and Wine, which is in one of Denver's hot dining areas with very limited parking — West Highland. But others are worse, including LoDo, South Pearl Street, Tennyson and LoHi, where even if diners are willing to pay for parking, there are few options. Says Jan:

Not all of us can live in trendy neighborhoods, but that should not be a barrier to having a good meal. However, there are far too many restaurants in Denver that do not provide any kind of parking for patrons. It's not only rude to customers, but it's also rude to residential neighbors who have to put up with blocked driveways and sometimes drunken and/or loud people in front of their houses. The Denver zoning department needs to wake up to the fact that street parking is no longer the best option in many areas. If I really wanted to eat at a restaurant in a crowded neighborhood, I'd be willing to pay a few dollars to park for a couple of hours. As it is, I avoid certain restaurant areas in the winter because I don't care to walk several blocks in an unfamiliar neighborhood in the dark, because of fear of tripping and falling, or sliding on ice. One evening, I tripped on a dark and wildly uneven sidewalk near a restaurant and don't care to repeat the experience of cut hands and bruised knees.

Jody responds:

I really don't find it to be that big of a deal. When I do drive to a restaurant, I usually find a parking spot within 1 or 2 blocks (even in LoDo or LoHi). But mostly I try to walk, bike, bus, Car2Go, cab or Uber it. Eliminates the problem.

But then there's this from Christina:

Yes! We have often skipped restaurants when there is no parking. Though I'm sure it's great for Uber.

What Denver dining destinations have the worst parking situations? Do you take alternate transportation to restaurant in those areas — or just skip them altogether?

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.