Reader: Upscale burger places are great if you want to eat surrounded by douchebags

Two H Burgers close, two Smashburgers open -- and burger fans unload a flood of opinions on what makes a good burger; whether Smashburger, Larkburger and the Cherry Cricket are over-rated; and if paying more than $10 for a burger makes you a dipshit.

And the burger battles don't end there. See also: - Reader: Smashburger, Larkburger and the Cherry Cricket are all over-rated - Best Drive-Thru Burger: Griff's Burger Bar - Best Old American Burger: Jim's Burger Haven

Says Matt:

Larkburger, Cherry Cricket, Highland Tap, and Mountain Sun are all great if you're a dipshit who wants to pay $10+ for a burger with fries consumed while being surrounded by douchebags. If you want a real stripped-down burger made from quality meat that isn't smothered in goat cheese, caramelized onions, or some other foodie shit, go to Jim's Burger Haven or Griff's. It's what a burger should be. A nice beef taste and some ketchup and mustard.

The foodie-ification of America has turned traditional-fare into a shit-show of 'our take on...' which is shorthand for we decided to ruin a classic by littering your plate with overpriced ingredients that dummies willing pay exorbitant prices for because they read some ridiculous food blogger write 150 words about truffle oil. At the end of the day it's a goddamn burger. if it doesn't taste like beef, maybe some pickles, cheese, and condiments on a bun, then you're being taken for a ride.

Where's the best basic goddamn burger in town?

And for those who are willing to eat -- and pay -- for a fancified version, what's the best gourmet burger in town?

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