Rooster & Moon will close at the end of the month.
Rooster & Moon will close at the end of the month.
Lindsey Bartlett

Reader: Was That Rooster & Moon Barista Hitting on Me?

The news that Rooster & Moon will call it quits at the end of the month met with one universal response from readers: "Noooo!" But a few fans of the eight-year-old coffeehouse/pub in the Golden Triangle pulled themselves together enough to offer more specific comments. Says Tina: 

Now where am I going to go when I'm pretending to be "working"? 

Adds Ed: 

I used to work a block away and would stop in pretty frequently at lunchtime. Always friendly people and good sandwiches.

And then there's this from Josh: 

I never would have built http://IsThatBaristaHittingOnMe.com without Rooster & Moon.

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