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Reader: We Need More Mexican Restaurants on Tennyson — Said No One, Ever

Thanks to all of the restaurant action on Tennyson Street and in surrounding areas, Berkeley took top honors as Best New Restaurant Neighborhood in the Best of Denver 2016. And last Sunday, when the weather was lovely, windows were open and people were spilling all over the street; after trying a pork tenderloin at the Midwestern Saloon, we stopped off for a dessert drink at Billy's Inn.  Even though the weather won't be nearly as nice today — the street hosted a snowy Totally Tennyson last night — we know that plenty of people will soon be headed to Tennyson for a morning meal. And soon, they'll have another option: Tres Chiles. But is that too much of a good thing? Says Gina: 
Oh, good. We need more restaurants and Mexican on Tennyson — said no one, ever.
Adds Jody:  
So between this place and mas kaos down the street, there are two Mexican restaurants opening in an area that.....already has a ton of Mexican restaurants. Awesome. At least mas kaos is also filling that huge dearth of pizza places on tennyson.
Responds Dave:
Actually, Tres Chiles will be competing with El Chingon and Chili Verde, and not with Mas Kaos and Tacos Jalisco. Nico told me that Tres Chiles will be "more authentic" than its competitors.
What do you think of the changes on Tennyson Street? Where will you have brunch today?
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