Reader: When visiting the Vine Street Pub, carry cash

The Vine Street Pub & (Brewery) does not take credit cards -- a policy that's led to a lively discussion following our update on construction at the pub that will finally let the place brew its own beer. As readers point out, Vine Street does have an ATM -- which only charges a buck fee -- and the restaurant will even hand over an SASE so that the truly cash-trapped can mail in their tab.

But those who need some help on entertainment impulse spending should heed this helpful tip from Mantonat:

Here's a tip from someone financially smarter than me: take out a set amount of cash at the beginning of the month. Don't use your debit card or credit card for entertainment or food, just use the cash. This has saved me a ton of money because I am more selective with my going-out money and as a bonus I don't have to worry about paying ATM fees or avoiding cash-only businesses. Last time I checked, most of those tasty street vendors and farmer's market stands also only take cash.

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