Fried chicken is flying out of the White Fence Farm in Capitol Hill.
Fried chicken is flying out of the White Fence Farm in Capitol Hill.
Mark Antonation

Reader: White Fence Farm Is the Casa Bonita of Chicken Joints

Bird is the word around town. Big Red F, which earned raves for its fried chicken at Post Brewing Company in Lafayette, is getting ready to open Post Chicken & Beer at 2200 South Broadway. While some consumers give the company's policies the bird, new Chick-fil-A outlets are drawing crowds at Denver International Airport and in Glendale. And the venerable White Fence Farm is continuing to open outposts around town, including one in Capitol Hill that really ruffled some feathers. Says John: 

How is this place going to be successful?? Fatty fried chicken and fatty corn fritters with fatty sides in the heart of healthy, hipster Cap Hill in one of the healthiest areas of the country. As Adam Sandler put it, "Who are the ad wizards behind this one?" 

Adds Tim:

The Casa Bonita of chicken joints.

 But then there's this from Nicholas: 

Had it last weekend... It was delicious!!

Have you been to any of the White Fence Farm offshoots? Have you eaten at the original in Lakewood lately? Where do you go for fried chicken? (If, that is, you go for fried chicken at all...)

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