Reader: Why Do Most Restaurants Use So Much Salt and Sugar? Cheap Flavor

Where do you go for healthy food? Gretchen Kurtz gets that question a lot, and last week she reviewed LYFE Kitchen, a link in a California-based chain that wopened in Park Meadows last month. A meal at LYFE -- "Eat Good Food Everyday" --isn't supposed to just fill you up; it's supposed to make you feel good. See also: LYFE Kitchen Has Good Intentions, But Needs More

Says tropicalchrome:

It sounds very much like this restaurant has made the same error that many others that have tried to make common dishes "healthier" by dropping the fat, salt, sugar, white flour, etc. - you can't just do that and expect them to taste good. You have to make up for the taste and texture lost with things like herbs, reductions, different cooking techniques - and that costs more. Why do you think most restaurants use so much salt and sugar? Cheap flavor.

Restaurants wanting to make a change need to rethink every dish from the ground up, and truly understand where each layer of flavor is coming from. Then make sure they're taste-tested by someone who has been eating at typical fast-casual restaurants to make sure the food makes the grade with those whose tastebuds are still accustomed to the usual amounts of salt. etc.

I wish them well.

When you want food that's good for you and tastes good, where do you go? Find Gretchen Kurtz's take on three more healthy, fast-casual options here.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.