Reader: Will Anthony's Revamp Its Sullen Employees, Too?
Anthony's Pizza & Pasta

Reader: Will Anthony's Revamp Its Sullen Employees, Too?

We know many fans of the thirty-year-old, homegrown Anthony's Pizza & Pasta chain (especially the flagship store on Colorado Boulevard and the spot by the University of Denver). Now Anthony's is rolling out major updates of all 25 locations in Colorado, even adding bars to several of them. But some readers wish Anthony's would renovate one more thing. Says Dave Barnes:

Are they revamping the incompetent and sullen employees? Just asking.

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And he's not the only one who's wondering that. Adds Steve:

That's an excellent question!

Service is an issue at restaurants old and new. Gretchen Kurtz recently reviewed Cho77, where she enjoyed the food and ambience, but had some problems with the service — and readers agreed. What do you think of the pizza at Anthony's? The service? And what do you think of service in Denver in general?

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