Word of Mouth

Reader: Will Anyone Notice That Willie G's Has Closed? Or That the Mall Is Still Open?

Landry's Inc. just closed Willie G's Seafood & Steaks on the 16th Street Mall, and while a few fans had a moment of silence for the joint's inexpensive oysters, and others fondly recalled the address's days as the Mall Exchange, most diners did not mourn Willie's passing. Says Alex:
Good riddance. Didn't like the place back in 2003 and definitely don't like it now. Long overdue for bad food and bad service. Maybe they can make this into a Starbucks since there aren't enough of them on 16th Street Mall. haha
Adds John:
Don't think anyone will notice. Speaking of irrelevance, is the 16th Street Mall still open?
Concludes Rory:
Well, shit, what patio am I gonna pass out on while blacked out at 1 a.m. now?
Not to worry, Rory: Landry's Inc., which owns the location, plans to turn it into a Saltgrass Steakhouse this summer — complete with patio.
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