Gone, but not forgotten.
Gone, but not forgotten.

Reader: With Closings of Classic Restaurants, Old-School Denver Is Disappearing

A number of Denver restaurants closed in August, some longtime favorites like Z Cuisine and Black Pearl, others relative newcomers like Osaka Ramen in Cherry Creek. But no closure generated more response than the shuttering of Patsy's, after 95 years on Navajo Street in northwest Denver, one of Denver's most rapidly changing neighborhoods. Says Tom: 

Oh, no. I'm a relative newcomer to Denver, and someone just told me about this place in the last couple of weeks. I hate to see these classic places fade away.

Adds Karen:

I am so sad to see another great local restaurant close. I suppose they'll put in another Noodles.

Predicts Brandon:

Insert hipster brewery.

Lisa expands the conversation:  

Old-school Denver is disappearing.

Concludes Anwar: 

Good job you fucking choads moving into your gabillion dollar boxes. YOU are killing everything that made this town an interesting place to love.

What place will you miss most? Where should fans of old-school Denver joints go? See our full list of restaurant openings and closings in August.

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