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Reader: With the Sale of Tom's, I Officially Hate the Gentrification of Five Points

Over the last eighteen months, several new bars/restaurants have moved into Five Points. First came Rosenberg's Bagels & Deli, which brought new crowds to the area. Then came Dunbar's Kitchen & Tap House, followed by Spangalang Brewery, and there are many more to come. But with the additions come losses: Last week longtime owners Tom Unterwagner and Steve Jankousky announced that they'd closed Tom's Home Cookin'; the building was reportedly purchased by a chef who plans to keep it a restaurant. And what kind of restaurant might that be? Suggests Adan: 
Another overpriced faux-pan Asian bistro to take its place?
Says Tom: 
Hopefully they'll replace it with a super shitty SoDoSoPa style, hipster eatery.
Adds Chelsea:
I officially hate the gentrification of Five Points.
And then there's this from Pat:
So sad, but Tom and Steve deserve the big payoff that selling brought them. They made comfort food like no other!
What do you think of the changes in Five Points? What would you like to see in the former home of Tom's Home Cookin'?
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