Reader: You can't open TexMex in Colorado...

There's no shortage of Mexican restaurants in the Denver area -- and especially not in Aurora, where storefront taquerias and seafood spots seem to pop up every day on East Colfax Avenue and South Havana. But does Denver have enough TexMex restaurants? Not according to fans of Rusty Taco, a Texas-based chain named for one of its founders, not the state of its food, that opened its first Colorado outpost in a former Old School Burger location in Aurora last week. See also: Rusty Taco opens in Aurora

This is not the yellow cheese-laden fare that's a hallmark of old-style Tex Mex fare in town. The motto of the Rusty Taco crew: "Where tacos are the most important meal of the day." And among other things, the menu promises margaritas made with "cheap tequila and fresh lime juice," as well as "cheap beers, fancy beers."

Will Texas-style tacos work in metro Denver?

Says Justin:

You can't open TexMex in CO. Good luck with that.

Adds Valerie:

More Tex-Mex recommendations, please!

TexMex can't work in Colorado? Help Valerie out: Post your suggetions for TexMex in Colorado in the comments section below.

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