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Readers: Does Spatola Disappoint — or Does It Deliver?

Gretchen Kurtz just reviewed Spatola Ristorante & Wine Bar, which took over the former home of Julia Blackbird's at 3434 West 32nd Avenue a few months ago. Although she'd been impressed when she interviewed owner/chef Francisco Spatola for Chef and Tell in August, she was disappointed that his presence wasn't felt more at his namesake restaurant. And David agrees:

Frankly, we were very disappointed because we'd looked so forward to having a red-sauce Italian place to replace Patsy's and Paggliaci's. This ain't it so far, and it's discouraging to hear that the chef isn't spending much time there.

It's sad when the best thing of the night was the bread and olive oil. Honestly, the Cherry Tomato is better, consistent and less expensive.
But Jeffrey responds: 
We really enjoyed Spatola and its nod to old-school Italian. It's a great addition to the neighborhood, and they have a wonderful patio on West 32nd Avenue.

We thought some dishes were a little salty, but the staff couldn't have been more patient or helpful.
Have you been to Spatola yet? What did you think? Read Gretchen Kurtz's review of Spatola.
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