Readers: Gustavo, You're Loco — Fried Tacos Are Everywhere! (Video)

Is the fried taco native to Denver? That's what Gustavo Arellano believes. After trying the tacos fried with cheese inside at Mexico City Restaurant & Lounge, he declared them another Den-Mex original, like the Mexican hamburger and the eggroll-style chile relleno. But a lot of readers couldn't swallow this revelation, and dropped their forks on Thanksgiving long enough to send us their objections. Says Bill:

Even Jack in the Box has been serving fried tacos for forty or fifty years. I'll agree the Mexican hamburger is likely a Denver original, haven't seen that anywhere else.

Says Steve:

No disrespect, Gus, but you're loco. You didn't go to Phoenix, Tucson or Southern California to research your book? Fried tacos are everywhere. When you order a taco in those cities it's just a given that your receive a fried taco. Filiberto's, look it up.

Adds Angela:

Not to mention all the little "nana's" who still fry the tacos for their families in lard. 

Concludes Sonny:

I'm not sure how many places or where Gustavo Arellano has frequented around the country for Mexican food but there's plenty of places in my home town/towns of "Globe/Miami" Arizona that serve fried tacos. Also if he doesn't know the restaurants there serve fried tacos than honestly he couldn't have tasted any of the dishes that are on the menu which doesn't give him the right to crown "the best mexican dish in the country". I understand a person can't try every place but if he is a "mexican food expert" he should at least know this. Thank you for your time I'll look forward to your reply.

Arellano, who traveled across the country to research his book, Taco USA: How Mexican Food Conquered America, assures us that "I KNOW Globe, Miami, and all those copper cities. They do NOT have those types of tacos!" He's working on a fitting reply for Sonny, but in the meantime, check out Andrew Bateman's video of the Mexican's visit to Mexico City Restaruant & Lounge:

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.