Readers: Sassafras is a hit, TD's Dogs was a miss

On June 1, Cafe Society published our

"Restaurant roll call for May"

, a compendium of all the openings and closings around town. Among the noteworthy openings:


, a bright spot that's moved into a real black hole of a location. (Most recently, 2367 swallowed up Nonna's, but it can claim more than a dozen victims stretching back to this location's days as the original home of

La Loma

.) Sassafras could well be the place that breaks the jinx and is getting raves for its Southern-style breakfasts.

Says Greg:

This place kicks complete and total butt... great food, cool space.. it's been open 2 weeks and this morning was our third visit :)

And then there are the spots nothing could save. TD's Dogs, for example, which closed up at 1530 Blake Street.

Says Sal:

I stopped for lunch a couple of months ago and they brought my food out in a bag, like I was in the drive thru at McD's. And it wasn't very good. I'm really shocked that they closed already.....

Did you miss the Restaurant roll call for May? Read it here....and then tell us who'll be on our Restaurant roll call for June!

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