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Readers: "Snooze" Describes a Person Who Waits Over an Hour for Brunch

On Saturday and Sunday mornings, people start lining up early to eat at Snooze, arguably Denver's most popular brunch spot. But is it worth the wait? Videographer Dale DiMassi recently stopped by the Snooze at Union Station and the original Snooze on Larimer Street, and spoke with some of the people waiting in line. Carla clearly was not one of them. Here's her response to the video
"Snooze," adjective - A word describing a person who waits over an hour for brunch, any day of the week but typically weekends, at a trendythefoodisokbutthereisbetter type establishment. "Mary just told me she went to brunch on Sunday at (insert overrated Denver establishment here) she's such a snooze."  hahahahahaha LOL
Adds Joshua: 
It's good but not worth the wait or the price... so many other great breakfast places with no line and a third of the price. Hipsters and newbies.. but whatever! It's good for the economy I guess!
And then there's this from Jeff: 
I love all those suckers lining up and waiting two hours for breakfast. Keeps the really good places for breakfast less crowded.
Where will you be going for breakfast/brunch this morning? See our brunch video here.
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