Red Robin wants you to dig out that Etch A Sketch

Like Lite-Brite, Operation and Hungry Hungry Hippo, Etch A Sketch has some major nostalgic cache. Fortunately, Red Robin Gourmet Burgers can appreciate that and is including an "18 & Over" category in its new "Etch A Sketch A Burger" photo contest in honor of the iconic toy's -- wait for it -- 50th anniversary.

You've got till July 25th to dust off the old thing and quickly hone your coordinated knob-turning skills from the faux op art you used to rock to some real live still life. Let's call it "Still Life With Burger." That's right. Recreate your favorite burger (We're thinking any with lettuce and those curly, fried onions would make for less work.) and submit a photo of your drawing to the chain.

Fifty winners -- ten in each age bracket -- will get a 50th Anniversary Etch A Sketch and a $50 gift card to Red Robin. Oh, and actual kids can get in on the action too.

Red Robin's burgers can kinda seem like overkill, but those those bottomless fries, man ...

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