Roostercat began roasting its own beans in January 2018.EXPAND
Roostercat began roasting its own beans in January 2018.
Kenzie Bruce

Roostercat Is Back With Late-Night Coffee and High Hopes

After being closed for just over a month, one of Denver's late-night coffee shops is back.

Roostercat Coffee House reopened at 1045 Lincoln Street on Friday, July 6, 2018, with much of the same look and feel that the spot had when it closed in May: the same dark-wood paneling, a random assortment of pastries and an overall impromptu feel. And that's the way the new owner, Bryan Irwin, wants it.

Irwin told former owner Colin James Floom that he loved Roostercat "just the way it was" before becoming the new owner. Irwin, a self-proclaimed Roostercat regular and software developer, has never worked as a barista before, but has been running his own business for four years.

Bryan Irwin is the new owner of Roostercat Coffee House at 1045 Lincoln Street.EXPAND
Bryan Irwin is the new owner of Roostercat Coffee House at 1045 Lincoln Street.
Kenzie Bruce

But to Irwin, it's less about the coffee and more about the community. "What brought me here was that it was open until midnight. People can hang out here and work, have meetings, smoke cigarettes," he says.

Irwin hopes Roostercat will continue to thrive as "the local workplace and hangout for many of Denver’s performers, musicians, filmmakers, writers and creators of art." He also has hopes for live comedy on Sundays, more music, weekly movie showings and an even later closing time, daydreaming about 3 a.m. rather than midnight. "I love a coffee shop that's open almost 24 hours. I mean, people need a break...but that's the niche I want," he explains.

Irwin also plans to bring back former staff members and baristas.

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