Scissors & Scotch Offers a Shave and a Haircut With a Side of Booze

Though the primary function of Scissors & Scotch (7600 Landmark Way, Greenwood Village) is to provide hair care for men, a peek into the Greenwood Village shop reveals a setup that looks more like a sleek saloon than a salon. In fact, on a recent visit, the bar was half full of men sipping an array of beverages, something owners Tanner Wiles and Christian Alavi say happens whether or not the customers come for a treatment.

"We wanted to improve the [salon] experience for guys," said Wiles, one of the original Scissors & Scotch founders of the three-store chain (with other locations in Omaha and Des Moines) who came to Colorado to help Alavi open this shop. "It's been a chore for so long, and now we have some clients who spend two hours here."
While it wasn't obvious which of the guys hanging out that afternoon had gotten their hair cut, beards trimmed or backs waxed, after spending a little time cozied on the leather couches, we understood why plenty of regulars were wandering in for both a craft cocktail and a little pampering. And that, says Wiles, is the goal of the company.

"We are the experience," adds Alavi, who co-owns the Colorado location. "We don't just cut hair, we don't just serve drinks; it's a full experience, and we want you to relax and have a good time."
Wiles opened the first Scissors & Scotch in Omaha on March 7, 2015, and the two-month-old Colorado shop is the third in the company's growing repertoire of men's high-end salons. The concept, said Wiles, is to give guys the same pampering that women are used to from high-end salons. Services include shaves, waxes, haircuts, beard sculpting, manicures and massage — and no matter what treatment you decide on, it all comes with your choice of beverage. That could mean an expertly made Old Fashioned, a pint of craft beer, a simple vodka soda or a Bloody Mary complete with a sausage stick, chunk of cheese and pickle garnish. All the mixed drinks are made with premium booze, and the venue serves many Colorado tipples, including Laws whiskey, local beers and Tin Cup whiskey, to name a few.

The only catch? You don't get your drink until after you have had your service. That way, says Wiles, you can really connect with the technician and understand what it's like to have someone groom and pamper you to the fullest. Then, once you're relaxed and groomed,  you'll be led to the bar or one of the plush, manly leather couches for a beverage. After a complimentary cocktail, you can further relax with another drink or two before heading back into the real world. Plus, if you really enjoy Scissors & Scotch's services, you can sign up for one of several memberships, which are appropriately named the 10-year, 15-year and 25-year after the practice of aging Scotch. The higher the age, the more prestigious the service. Of course, Wiles and Alavi also encourage customers to stop by even when they don't need a shave. After all, even if you're in between hair cuts, the bar is always open.
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