Shanahan's updates its menu -- three weeks after opening

Shanahan's just opened on Christmas Eve at 5085 South Syracuse Street, and there was a one-hour wait for a table in the 130-seat dining room, even with a reservation on Saturday night.

But if you were waiting for the duck or osso bucco on the opening menu, you could wait forever. Both those items have been 86'd, and a new menu will be introduced today.

The changes were inspired by feedback from customers, says Steve Vick, the chef who came to Shanahan's from McCormick's. "We're replacing the duck with pork and replacing halibut with Chilean sea bass," he says, adding that Shanahan's is selling a surprising amoung of seafood, even though it had been touted as a steakhouse. And the osso bucco will be replaced by a veal chop, and the chicken will be healthier, a "double lobe, airline breast," with "more meat for the customer, less bones." The bread has been changed, too; it's now coming from City Bakery.

"There was a lot of anticipation with this restaurant," says Marc Steron, a partner in the project who came over from Del Frisco's Double Eagle, and spent two years planning Shanahan's. "We're glad it came together as well as it did. We have the right team assembled, and I'm going to work with this team every day to make it the best it can be."

The biggest surprise since the December 24 opening? "How busy we've been," Steron says. "We're really elated by the response we've gotten. We want to take everybody, but we've had to hold back a little. We want to build our business one guest at a time."

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