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Reader: Stella's Another Fancy-Yet-Failed Facade for the Shysters of Neo-Denver

The expensive new buildout once occupied by Stella's on 16th is now empty.
The expensive new buildout once occupied by Stella's on 16th is now empty. Danielle Lirette
Although plenty of restaurants keep opening in Denver, the number of spots closing kept pace last week. Some of those shuttering their doors are longtime eateries, while others flared out quickly. For example, Stella's on 16th closed abruptly at the start of August, leaving former employees complaining about missing paychecks and observers of the Denver dining scene concerned about more to come. "Another fancy-yet-failed facade for the shysters of neo-Denver," says one reader. Kembra's concerns are more specific:

I was hired there just over a week ago and put in five shifts as a server. They owe me money, including all my tips which were supposed to be on my paycheck. Can't get a hold of anyone so I am not sure how I am getting paid. Pretty upset reading this because I was not told we were even closed for more than the weekend...
Comments Scott: 
Expensive, out of the way, and limited hours (closed both times I walked by to go to open establishments). It's not really 16th Street Mall. It's past the busy/walked/well-traveled part. I noticed it twice - and I live like six blocks away. I would imagine those two other "trendy" places close by won't last much longer either.
Concludes John:
Too many restaurants, a serious shortage of kitchen help and mandated increase to server wages are gonna close many doors.
What do you think about the current dining scene? Does Denver have too many restaurants?
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