Steve Horner: A name that drives people to drink

On my way home from the Colorado Civil Rights Forum last night, I stopped by Lola, which was hosting the first of the Denver Five dinners. (More on that coming later today from Nancy Levine, who was at the dinner from the start.) And, inevitably, I spotted a restaurateur in the crowd who's had recent dealings with the Colorado Civil Rights Division.

That's because Steve Horner, the anti-ladies' night crusader, has lodged dozens of complaints with the division, claiming that assorted ladies' night deals around town violate his civil rights -- even though he's not even in Colorado to find out if those deals might be extended to any man who asks. (That's the way the Colorado Rockies have handled Horner's complaints, for example.)

That's right: Horner currently lives in Minnesota, a thousand miles away from the Highland restaurant that hosted a ladies-only wine-tasting a few months ago. But that didn't stop Horner from filing a complaint against them -- just as he has against the Proof nightclub, and La Boheme, and, the Hangar Bar, and yes, Westword -- and the mere sound of his name was enough to make one restaurateur quickly down a drink last night.

You'd think the Colorado Civil Rights Division would have bigger problems to deal with. And you'd be right.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.