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Stir Cooking School debuts on November 20 in Highland

Stir Cooking School, the lovechild of Katy Hume, a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America in New York, will unmask a new Denver culinary academy, focusing on kitchen techniques for the home cook, on November 20, at 3215 Zuni Street in Highland.

Hume, a Denver native who quit business school to go to culinary school and bounced around New York, San Francisco and Dallas before moving back to Denver earlier this year, started putting together plans for the cooking school in February. "After being in Dallas for quite some time, I reached a point where I needed a change. I had a great job that I loved, but the next best thing I could do was to open my own cooking school," says Hume. "So here I am in Denver, very excited to be closer to my family and a part of the adventures of a small business."

The school, which is open to the public, offers two-to-three-hour, hands-on cooking classes for adults and kids. Hume's first class, not surprisingly, is a pie and tart workshop that kicks off at 10:30 on November 20 -- just in time for Thanksgiving. And later that day, Hume will teach a Thanksgiving dinner demo. Future classes include date-night, family-friendly, farmers' market, wine pairing and cocktail-making classes, all of which cost between $55 and $70 and are limited to eighteen students.

In addition to cooking classes, the school will also strut a bar area offering cocktails, wine and appetizers.

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