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Stir Crazy Fresh Asian Grill and FlatTop Grill are coming to Colorado

What, more Asian restaurants? Exactly, says the Flat Out Crazy Restaurant Group. The Chicago-based company, owner of the fast-casual Stir Crazy Fresh Asian Grill and the make-your-own stir-fry FlatTop Grill restaurant chains, is banking on our affection for Asian food and eating out to support its new venture into the state.

In fact, president and COO Greg Carey is so confident in Colorado's economy and of our dining out preferences, that the group plans to open another 20 new restaurants across Denver, Boulder and Colorado Springs in the next three to five years, three of which should be opening their doors by the end of the year, followed by several more in 2011.

"There's something about Colorado and an affinity that folks have to Asian food," Carey says. "There's a number of Asian brands out there and rather than be concerned about being overdone, we see that as a really valuable insight. We're very encouraged by that in Colorado."

Carey says the company hasn't settled on any particular locations yet but has brokers looking. The chain currently has 28 restaurants but armed with $12 million in new funding it is bursting onto the scene in a number of other states in addition to Colorado. Carey says the company hopes to expand that to 100 over the next several years.

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Jessica Chapman
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